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At Confident Kids we are committed to providing a safe place for all children.
2017 saw the introduction of new Child Protection Standards for all organisations that work with children.  

At Confident Kids we have always had an extremely strong emphasis on inclusion, encouragement and safe environments for our students.  We have published our clear written Policies and Procedures in line with these laws, which detail our beliefs as an organisation and our commitment to supporting these laws. 

Any reports or concerns must be brought directly to our child safety officers:

Jennifer Rose and Michelle Rose.

Contactable on 0422 221 461 or

Below is a link to our 'Commitment to Child Safety':

Below is a link to our 'Confident Kids Code of Conduct'.
Our 'Code of Conduct' must be signed by all who are involved with our school.

Thank you for your ongoing support in creating a safe environment for our children.

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