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School Aged Uniforms

Free Trials 

If your child is taking part in a free trial, they are not required to wear a uniform.

We ask that students wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and bare feet. 

Leggings or pants and a singlet are a great option. 


All Students 

We have always believed that dance, and the performing arts should be accessible for all.
While we strongly encourage all children to come in uniform, we do understand there may be a delay being able to purchase uniforms, or times where this is difficult. We offer a number of options at different price points in hope that families will choose the option that is best for them.

Some of the reasons we strongly support uniform include: 


This is something we strongly believe in at Confident Kids and Inspire Academy. Wearing a uniform encourages students to feel part of the team. As children get older it also ensures all students in the class are equal and there are no complexities when it comes to what students are wearing. 


The correct footwear is essential for safe classes and must be worn each week. Correct attire also ensures partner work is safer and students can move safely in their work. Denim, casual dresses and restrictive clothing is strictly not to be worn in class.


For many classes it is important teachers can see how each student is moving their body in order to give the best corrections and feedback possible. Wearing oversized clothing makes this very difficult for our teachers. 

What to wear
Where to buy
How to buy our branded uniforms
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(footwear outlined below)


All classes require one of the following:

  • Option 1 - Confident Kids Uniform Items

  • Option 2 - Confident Kids top or t-shirt with black pants/leggings/shorts

  • Option 3 - Any all plain black clothing

  • Option 4 (ballet only) - black leotard, black wrap skirt and ballet tights


For exam day (if taking part in exams):

  • Ballet Exam students will require black leotard, black circle skirt and ballet tights

  • Jazz and Tap Exam students will require black leotard, black bike shorts and flesh coloured tights.

Option 1 - Confident Kids Uniform Items

We offer the following Confident Kids Uniform Items:

  • Racer back singlet ($44)

  • Loose fit singlet ($44)

  • T-shirt ($49.50)

  • Crop Top ($38.50)

  • Warm up Jacket ($82.50)

  • 3/4 Leggings ($49.50)

  • Bike Shorts ($44)

(prices under "where to buy" - lower on the page)

Option 2 - Confident Kids top or t-shirt with black pants/shorts

A Confident Kids top:

  • Racer back singlet

  • Loose fit singlet

  • T-shirt

And black pants or shorts.

Leggings are recommended for girls and loose fitting pants for boys.  Strictly no jeans,

restrictive clothing or pants/shorts will pockets (as this is a risk for partner work).

Option 3 - All plain black clothing

Any black pants or shorts and a black singlet, t-shirt or long sleeve top.

Leggings are recommended for girls and loose fitting pants for boys.  

Strictly no jeans, restrictive clothing or pants/shorts will pockets

(as this is a risk for partner work).

Tops should also not be restrictive but fitted enough to ensure staff

can give appropriate feedback (eg no oversized t-shirts).

Option 4 - black leotard, black wrap skirt and ballet tights

This option is for ballet students only, but they may also wear any of the other options.

These items can be purchased from a dance store: (see below for where to find them)

  • Black leotard - thick straps (no sleeves)

  • Ballet tights - theatrical pink

  • Black wrap skirt - Circle skirt also acceptable





Dance shoes are available from the Dance Shops listed below.


Classical Ballet - Leather Pink Ballet Shoes (full sole) - no jiffies please

Jazz - Black Jazz Shoes (split sole)

Tap - Black Tap Shoes

Contemporary - "Foot thongs" or "foot undeeze"

Hip Hop and Breakdancing - Black Runners (any) or Black Hip Hop Runners if preferred

B Street Crew - Black Runners (any) or Black Hip Hop Runners if preferred

Acrobatics - Bare Feet

Dance Cirque - Bare Feet

Music Theatre - Black Jazz Shoes (split sole)

Pop Singer's Group - Bare Feet

Drama and Confidence - Bare Feet

Screen Acting - Bare Feet

Extension Team - Black Jazz Shoes (split sole), "Foot thongs" or "foot undeeze" and Runners (any) or Hip Hop Runners if preferred

Troupe Team - Black Jazz Shoes (split sole) or "Foot thongs" or "foot undeeze" depending on age group.


For all classes students are required to have their hair pulled back off thier face for safety.
It is highly encouraged for acrobatics students with long hair wear hair in a bun for safety. This does not need to be a perfect concert bun, just secured safety.


We also ask that students please do not wear jewellery for safety (stud earrings are ok).



Confident Kids branded uniforms are available at our studio reception during class times, or via your Dance Studio Pro online portal.  If you don't have your log in, please contact us and we can resend this to you.  

If ordering online, uniforms will be available for pick up at your next class.  Please note, sizes are smaller than regular sizes.  We recommend purchasing one to two sizes larger.  We can help you with this at reception.


Leotards and black clothing can be purchased from shops like Kmart, Target and Best and Less.


We encourage you to buy correct shoes from Dance Stores, whether online or in person.  It is important dance shoes are good quality, correctly made and correctly fitted.

Some local dance stores that have our uniform list are:

Total Dance Australia

3 Fergus Lane,

Cranbourne West

Vic, 3977


Energetiks Fountain Gate

Shop 1174

Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre

352 Prices Highway

Narre Warren VIC 3805
(03) 9704 1655

Of course, any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! :)

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