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I absolutely recommend Confident Kids.  I have found this school to be completely about the kids, building them up and guiding them throughout.  I'm super happy to have my children be a part of something so special. 

Leesa (Mum)

Circus & Acrobatics
Specialty Programs

See below for more information on each!


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Classical Ballet 

Ballet teaches young dancers terminology and technique and focuses on posture, placement (body alignment), flexibility and strength.


Classes include barre and center work followed by exercises across the floor, ballet combinations and choreography to classical music.


Classical Ballet classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 

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Jazz dance is an ever-changing art form.

It encompasses many different styles using a broad variety of upbeat music.


Jazz develops strength and flexibility, and includes skills like turns, kicks and leaps. More modern Jazz uses the latest release music.


Jazz classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 

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Tap is a fun, high-energy style of dance where timing, rhythm and coordination is developed using metal taps on the heels and toes of the dancers' shoes.

Students will learn to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats to a variety of music, starting with the basic steps and building up to more complex traveling combinations and rhythmic patterns.

Tap classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 

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Contemporary and Lyrical dance  combines elements of different dance genres including modern, jazz, and classical ballet.


The Choreography is often interpretive and focuses on storytelling.


This style uses on contrast and expression and has been made popular since shows like 'so you think you can dance' have featured it heavily.

Hip Hop and Breakdancing Crew

Hip hop is a style of dance used extensively in popular culture.


Often used in video clips as well as live shows hip hop uses recent music with a touch of attitude.

From steps that flow to sharp moves Hip hop is a fun and trendy style of street dancing.

This class also includes breakdancing and fun tricks!

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B Street Crew

B Street Crew is a Hip Hop and Breakdancing Program designed especially for boys.

While supporting learning styles that work best for boys, it includes traditional moves as well as the latest trends.

It is so much more than just a dance class.  It is a community of boys across Australia who love to dance!

All classes are taught in a safe environment, by specially trained B Street staff.

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Dance Cirque

We are proud to be the official Dance Cirque Studio in our area and to offer this incredible program to our students!

Dance Cirque classes offer circus and aerial skills taught in a safe environment.  

Classes focus on strength and flexibility as well as incorporating skills like balance and hand-eye coordination.

Students spend time on silks in our specially designed "rig".

Our students gain new and exciting skills safely in these high energy classes

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Acrobatics is a fun class that includes, strength building, flexibility, coordination and, of course, learning tricks!

From handstands and cartwheels to back handsprings, students are extended to where they are comfortable and capable and continue to build skills in a controlled environment with suitable equipment!


The class also includes elements of Jazz dance to tie the tricks together into a routine!


Staff are trained by the Acrobatic Dance Association to ensure classes are safe and of the highest quality.


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Pop Singer's Group

This class focuses on singing technique and confidence in a group.  


Students will learn how to warm up their voice as well as vocal 

exercises to extend their range and ability.  


They will learn pop songs as well as work on harmonies, all while making friends with other students who also love to sing!

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Music Theatre

These classes develop confidence through movement, singing and acting.

Students aim to develop performance skills as well as strong vocal and dance technique, in a safe and nurturing environment, ready to perform at our end of year concert!

These classes cover Music Theatre styles and history, creating characters, and technique work in singing, dancing and acting.

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Solo Singing Classes

We offer solo singing classes for students wanting to extend their singing skills and performance technique.

These classes are tailored to the individual needs of the students including work on their range, pitch, repertoire, stage presence and performance.

Students may also be offered additional performance opportunities.  These students are also encouraged to join our Pop Singer's Group to also enjoy singing as a group and working on harmonies!


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Drama & Confidence/ Screen Acting

These classes aim to develop and grow confidence, creativity and imagination, while also developing skills for the children to become the best performer they can be.


Classes are nurturing, fun and ensure that every child feels safe, valued and free to explore.

Classes cover theatre styles and history, improvisation and collaboration, confidence, public speaking as well as acting techniques.

There is also a focus on Screen Acting techniques in Term 3 and 4.

Children work towards the performance of plays to an audience mid year and a screening of a scene at the end of the year.

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Screen Team

This class is for students 11 years and older,

These classes cover all you need to know about acting for the camera.


From the small screen to the big screen, classes cover the tools used to create a truthful performance, while also covering techniques needed on set and in the audition room.

Classes are fun and cater for beginners to advanced as each class member receives individual attention and feedback, in a safe and nurturing environment.


Children work on scene work as well as making their own short films. 

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Audition Preparation

We work with students to prepare for auditions for television shows, film and theatre.

These classes are booked as requested.

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Extension Team

This is a class for dancers who want to fast track their skills.


It includes strengthening work, as well as exercises to improve skills across all genres of dance.  These include; higher jumps and leaps, greater flexibility, stronger turns and a strong stage presence.


There are also goal setting and team work exercises included to develop our dancers as a whole.

This Class requires additional commitment in terms of home practice.  To attend this class, students must attend at least one regular weekly class and discuss enrolment with the school Principals to ensure a good fit.

Troupe Teams

Our performance troupes require audition entry and compete at 4 competitions throughout the year as well as at our end of year concert.  These teams are great for students who would like to perform throughout the year!

Students require an extra level of commitment and must also attend at least one regular class a week.


Our focus is fun, team work and sportsmanship!

Please enquire for more information if your child would like to be considered for our competition troupes.

DanceStep Student Training

We are also proud to offer the incredible DanceStep Student Training Program for students aged 11 years and above.  

This is a program that inspires young dancers to become Dance Teachers!  They have weekly classes to learn about safe dance, behaviour management in the classroom, choreography and much much more!

These students also attend classes with younger students for valuable experience and to help be a positive role model for our youngest dancers!


This is a four year program and students are required to apply for these positions.  Please note, not all applications will be successful.

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Competition Solos and Duos

We offer solo and duo competition classes for students who would like to compete throughout the year.

Students must also attend a minimum of one

group class each week.

Solos and duos are entry by audition only.  


These are available in all styles of dance.

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Thank you so much Confident Kids for teaching my daughter over the last 2 years.  She absolutely loves attending all her classes and has great support of all the teachers and friends she has made. Great variety of classes availiable and would highly recommend the school.  

Sophie and Beatrice (Mum)


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