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To provide a nurturing and fun environment to help young people grow confidence through performing arts, while developing strong skills to become the best performer they can be.
AGES 12 - 18years


Principals Jenny and Michelle are passionate about the dance and performing arts as well as developing confidence, pride and creativity in young people.

Inspire Academy of Dance and Performing Arts was introduced as our performers grew from our junior school Confident Kids Performing Arts School.  This was born from the desire to create a warm and professional school for children to feel valued, while becoming the best performer they can be.

Our school only employs high quality, like minded, professionally trained staff and teachers who are given support and training throughout the year. 

Ballerinas Stretching

I have watched my girls excitedly head off to class each week and return to me happily chatting about the fun they had. I have been so proud to watch their confidence and self-esteem grow.

Brooke (Mum)

I love Confident Kids!! Jenny and Dee are beautiful, loving, caring teachers! My daughter has so much fun dancing there.

Kirsty (Mum)


We offer a wide range of classes including dancing, singing and acting.
We encourage our students to try a large range of classes to find the style that suits their goals and interests.


Ballet provides the foundation for many styles of dance. Ballet teaches young dancers correct terminology and technique, focusing on posture, placement (body alignment), flexibility and strength.
Classes include barre and center work followed by exercises across the floor, ballet combinations and choreography to classical music.

Ballet classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 


Jazz dance is an ever-changing art form. It encompasses many different styles using a broad variety of music. Jazz foundation work is based on ballet and the development of strength and flexibility, turns and leaps will be emphasised. More modern Jazz uses the latest release music.
Jazz classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 


Tap is a fun, high-energy style of dance where timing, rhythm and coordination is developed using metal taps on the heels and toes of the dancers' shoes.
Students will learn to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats to a variety of music, starting with the basic steps and building up to more complex traveling combinations and rhythmic patterns.

Tap classes are taught in line with the Southern Federation of Dance Exam Syllabus for those wanting to attend exams. 


Contemporary dance is a style of dance that combines elements of different dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. The Choreography is often interpretive and focuses on storytelling. This style uses on contrast and expression and has been made popular since shows like 'so you think you can dance' have featured it heavily.


Hip hop is a style of dance used extensively in popular culture. Often used in video clips as well as live shows hip hop uses recent music with a touch of attitude. From steps that flow to sharp moves Hip hop is a fun and trendy style of street dancing. Classes offered for both boys and girls classes from 4 years of age.


Classes include jazz element as well as strength and flexibility. Children are taught from basic tumbles to complex tricks in a safe, hands on and controlled environment with appropriate equipment.

Staff are trained by the Acrobatic Dance Association.  
Classes offered from 4 years of age.


These classes develop confidence through movement, singing and acting. Students aim to develop performance skills in a safe and nurturing environment, ready to perform at our end of year concert! These classes cover Music Theatre styles and history as well as technique work in singing, dancing and acting.


These classes aim to develop and grow confidence, creativity and imagination, while also developing skills for the children to become the best performer they can be. Classes are nurturing, fun and ensure that every child feels safe, valued and free to explore.

Classes cover theatre styles and history, improvisation and collaboration, confidence, public speaking as well as acting techniques.
Children work towards the performance of plays to an audience.. 


These classes cover all you need to know about acting for the camera. From the small screen to the big screen, classes cover the tools used to

create a truthful performance, while also covering techniques needed on set and in the audition room.
Classes are fun and cater for beginners to advanced as each class member receives individual attention and feedback, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Children work on scene work as well as making their own short films. 


These classes are for children wanting to perform more often during the year and take part in competitions.  The can be in troupe, duos and solos.  
These classes require extra commitment, travel and do require additional costume charges.


New in 2019 , this class is for dancers who would like to accelerate their improvement.  
As this class requires additional commitment, children will be accepted into this class with consultation between the principals and parents. 
While working hard on all areas of dance, including strength and technique, there will also be guest teachers throughout the year as well as homework and goal setting.


These classes are organised with individual families as requested and needed.  
They are available in all styles of dance as well as singing and drama/acting.

Thank you so much for everything you, Michelle and Sue do for our kids. They really love dance and love you guys to bits. We will see you soon and Kian is already asking when he can go dancing :)!

Elzna (Mum)

The girls are excited about coming back, which is a credit to you - as they have had a history of trying things and not wanting to continue. So thank you!

Emma (Mum)


Our brand new, purpose built facility has been specifically designed for our students with:

  • 2 Fully Equipped Studios including: - sprung floors
    - full length mirrors
    - viewing windows for parents
    - fans
    - radiant heating
    - soundproofing 

  • A waiting area with:
    - bench seating
    - fridge
    - coffee/tea making facilities
    - microwave
    - reception area 

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Warehouse 6
10-12 Morialta Road,
Cranbourne West



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