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What our incredible families have to say...


Both my girls have been a part of Confident Kids for almost 2 years. They absolutely love the classes each week.

The amazing teachers offer such positivity, enthusiasm and encouragement, it is truly fantastic. 

Not only do the teachers help the kids, but they are so generous in helping a “new dance Mum”, especially around concert time. 

I would highly recommend Confident Kids, as it really offers fun, learning, team spirit and a great environment for kids to develop and thrive. 


I absolutely recommend confident kid's. 


I have found this dance school to be completely about the kid's, building them up and guiding them throughout it all allowing the children to be their best and not force or push them past their own limits or comfortability.  


I'm super happy to have my children be a part of something so special. 



Jenny, Michelle and all the teachers at Confident Kids are so talented, professional and dedicated.


Tinara and Liyara are very excited to attend your classes and they enjoy every minute.


I can’t believe how far they have improved as amazing little ballerinas.


All of yours effort was priceless during this pandemic to keep them on track. 👍👍😊😊.


Thank you



Thank you so much Confident Kids for teaching my daughter over the last 2 years. 


She absolutely loves attending all her classes and has great support of all the teachers and friends she has made.


Great variety of classes availiable and would highly recommend the school.  


My daughter Daniella loves Confident Kids!

She really looks forward to each class and can’t wait to see her friends to dance and have fun.


She loves all her teachers and thinks they are sweet and kind. 


I highly recommend this studio. Jenny, Michelle and the team are so lovely and positive and you can see that they love what they do. 



My daughter has been attending kinder ballet classes for about 2 years, and she absolutely loves it! 

She always look forward for the ballet classes every Saturday :) 

A special thank you goes to Jenny and the team for continuing with the zoom ballet classes during the lockdown. 

It definitely brightened my daughters week! 

Jenny has been great with her through out, and I would definitely recommend Confident kids to anyone!"


My 11 year old daughter started her majestical journey of dance with this beautiful dance academy in 2019 starting with 2 classes a week to now doing every possible session she can. 

She has been thrilled and thoroughly enjoys each class that she attends, the teachers make it a fun place for the kids along with concentration on the dance form.

The way they modulated their programme during not so normal times of COVID was just phenomenal.

Be it regular dance classes, concerts or keeping the kids and families engaged Confident kids and Inspire Academy excels at all of it. So, looking forward for the school to begin their new dance programmes for boys, my son is already attending his singing sessions at the school and totally loving it. If you are looking for a fun, motivating dance and music journey for your kids I would strongly recommend not to look any further and see your kids dance  dreams turning into reality right with the Confident kids. 

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