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2024 Timetable - First Release

Please note:

- This timetable is based on a number of factors including staff availability, studio space, past class numbers, and waiting lists.

- This timetable is subject to change based on class bookings.

- We will initially be opening LESS classes than we know we will need.  Many classes this year had waitlists and we understand it is likely we will need to open additional space. We initially want to ensure the classes we open are what our families need and from waitlists we can then work to open more space.

In 2024 my child will be:

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Toddler and Pre-School Timetable

18 months to 5 years (not yet in school)

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 2.08.31 pm.png
Toddler and Pre-School Timetabl
Juniors Timetable

Junior Timetable


Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 8.56.51 pm.png
Intemediate Timetable

Intermediate Timetable

Grade 3 - Grade 5

Senior Timetable

Senior Timetable

Grade 6 +

2024 Fees

2024 Fees

We have done our very best to keep our prices manageable, understanding the economic pressures on families, while also covering our costs, and the increase in CPI.  This has resulted in a $1.25 increase for our one hour classes. 

Please note; all classes are paid by the term. Multi-class and sibling discounts remain the same as in 2023.




30 minute classes = $14.75

45 minute classes = $16.75

One hour classes = $18.75


School Age Classes

One hour classes = $18.75

One and a half hour classes = $21.75


Performance fees and costume fees will be:

Costumes Hire = $28 per costume  (2 costumes per class - billed throughout the year to take the pressure off families at concert time)

Performance Fee = $35 per performance (billed in Term 4)



15 minute solo = $18.75

30 minute solo = $33.75

Group Music Classes (various lengths depending on class numbers) = $23.75

Singing, Music and Solo Dance Classes

Singing, Music and Solo Dance Classes

Please register your interest here and we will be in contact. 

Solo Singing/Dance/Music and Group Music Class Waitlist 

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