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We are excited to be offering more exclusive classes for this age group this year!

We value knowing and supporting each individual student and family.  To ensure this is the case, our classes are all one hour long. This extra time ensures we can balance connecting with our students as well as getting through all of the necessary coursework. Two exceptions are Senior Extension Team and Stage and Screen which are each one and a half hours. These classes remain at our regular price as class sizes are slightly larger, due to the nature of these styles.

While ALL students are welcome at our school, should your child have additional needs, please let us know so we can support you to find the best class that will help them to shine!  Similarly, if your child has specific goals and you are looking for additional guidance, we would love to support you!

Classes on offer
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Classical Ballet/

Classical Ballet teaches dancers terminology and technique, with a focus on posture, placement (body alignment), flexibility and strength.

Classes include barre, center work, exercises across the floor, ballet combinations and choreography to classical music. This age group also includes pre-pointe work.

Optional SFD classical exams are available.

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Contemporary and Lyrical dance combines elements of different dance genres including modern, jazz, and classical ballet.


The Choreography is often interpretive and focuses on storytelling.  

This style uses on contrast and expression and has been made popular since shows like 'so you think you can dance' have featured it heavily.

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Jazz dance is an ever-changing art form that uses a broad variety of upbeat music. 

This class develops strength and flexibility, and includes skills like turns, kicks and leaps. More modern Jazz uses the latest release music.

Optional SFD jazz exams are available.

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Hip Hop

Hip hop is a style of dance used extensively in popular culture.


Often used in video clips as well as live shows hip hop uses recent music with a touch of attitude.

From steps that flow to sharp moves Hip hop is a fun and trendy style of street dancing.​

This class also includes breakdancing.

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This class focuses on strength, flexibility, coordination and, of course, learning tricks!

From handstands and cartwheels to back handsprings, students are extended to where they are comfortable and capable and continue to build skills in a controlled environment with suitable equipment!

The class also includes elements of Jazz dance to tie the tricks together into a routine!


Staff are trained by the Acrobatic Dance Association to ensure classes are safe and of the highest quality.


Dance Cirque

We are proud to be the official Dance Cirque Studio in our area and to offer this incredible program to our students!

Dance Cirque classes offer circus and aerial skills taught in a safe environment.  

Classes focus on strength and flexibility as well as incorporating skills like balance and hand-eye coordination.​

Students spend time on silks in our specially designed "rig".​

Our students gain new and exciting skills safely in these high energy classes

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Stage and Screen

This class covers music theatre (singing and broadway jazz), as well as acting for the stage and screen.


Students take part in a musical   mid year and film scenes to screen at Village cinema at the end of the year.

The class is perfect for budding performers, kids who love playing characters, and those looking to grow in confidence.

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Screen Team

These classes cover all you need to know about acting for the camera. 

From the small screen to the big screen, classes cover the tools used to create a truthful performance, while also covering techniques needed on set and in the audition room.

Classes are fun and cater for beginners to advanced as each class member receives individual attention and feedback, in a safe and nurturing environment.


Students work on scene work as well as making their own short films. 

Tap Dancer


This class covers tap and rhythm. It is perfect for dancers who love to make lots of noise, and those who love listening to the beat!

Optional SFD classical exams available.

This class is open to register interest.

Stage Curtains

Extension and
Performance Teams

These teams are for dancers who would like to work hard and want the opportunity to perform at events throughout the year. Extra commitment to the team is required.


Singing and Music Classes

We also offer singing and keyboard classes. These are available as group and solo classes.


A reminder, all School Age Classes now run for the extended minimum one hour.

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Should you require Saturday classes, please contact reception.

Please note: Group Music class times will be released shortly.

Timetable is subject to change.

For a full studio timetable with all age groups, please click here.



Please note all fees (including additional and optional) below.





Fees can be paid:

- By the term, in full, prior to the start of classes, via bank transfer.

- By the month, via direct debit (please note: enrolment is still by the term, 3 payments per term on the first of the month)

- If you require other arrangements (eg NDIS funding), please let us know so we can support you.

These monthly fees include ALL School Age Group Classes and are for a 10 week term.

Public holidays and shorter and longer terms will be adjusted accordingly.

Unlike past years, this includes Extension Teams, Troupes and Performance Teams.

Not included: Music Classes, Solo and Duo Classes.

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For our group classes we have always accommodated unlimited make ups (subject to availability), however as group classes are a team activity, we ask families to please choose a class time they can commit to each week. Attending different classes each week will not support student's development, both in relation to skills and friendships.

In 2023 we are also asking families to communicate absences to our office prior to class. This will be a requirement to be able to book a make up. Notifying the office of absences allows space for other students waiting for make ups and ensures we are all supporting each other.


Choosing to take solo classes requires additional commitment. Teachers are paid for their time, whether or not students attend. In 2023 we will not be offering make up classes for solo classes. Refunds for solo classes are also not available. We understand that for some it may be difficult to commit each week, we encourage these students to attend group classes with unlimited make ups.  We thank you for you understanding and support to ensure we can continue to offer solo opportunities.


Enrolment is by the term.  Refunds and credits are not offered for part participation in a term, unless enrolling part way through the term.   Two weeks notice is required when cancelling direct debit payments for the start of a new term. 


Please note: We do our very best to ensure all additional costs are kept to an absolute minimum while providing professional quality experiences.

We know dance, singing and acting can be expensive, and we feel classes should be accessible for all, so work hard to ensure this is possible. We offer all of the fun additional options such as costume photos and concert videos, but these are optional to order and not compulsory. 

We also focus on providing top quality costumes to hire to keep costs down and ensure parents don't need to sew.



Please find this information in your 2023 handbook (this will be released in January). 



Each year students are invited to take part in various of end of year performances to celebrate all they have learnt throughout the year. 

Performance Participation Fee = $30 (billed in term 4) This covers a theatre rehearsal and extra rehearsals as needed.

Please note: -In 2023 we cannot guarantee siblings will be in the same performance. Please take this into account when budgeting for tickets. 

- Students who take multiple classes or styles such as singing and dancing or music will have separate performances.

Concert Costume Hire Charge = $25 per costume (the same as 2022)  (not required for Music and Singing)

These charges are split across term 2 and term 3 to ensure these remain affordable. These are non-refundable as costumes are purchased throughout the year ready for concert. Two costumes are required for each class attended.

Tan Leotards (girls) and black singlets (boys) are compulsory for all students at concert, in line with our backstage child safety standards.

Tights for Concert - required for dance and stage and screen students students.

Concert tickets for family and friends.


To keep our singing, music and acting students motivated, we hold a small mid year show.

Participation = The fee to take part is $20 per child.

Costume Hire Charge for Stage and Screen Students = $25 (the same as 2022) Billed in Term 2. One costume required for the mid year show.
Tickets are also available for family and friends.




Optional excursions and social events throughout the year.

Dance Exams - if your child chooses to take part in exams, these are an additional cost

Competitions - if your child chooses to take part in competitions, these are an additional cost

Concert Video - these are offered for purchase to keep!

Costume Photos - these are offered for purchase as a keepsake of each routine!



VIP bookings open 9:00am Monday November 28 for our current families.

1. Simply log on to your DanceStudioPro account. If you are unable to access your account, please let us know and we will resend you your log in.

2. Agree to our updated policies by clicking the Waiver tab. Please ensure you have read and agreed to all policies before enrolling.
3. Choose your classes and enrol!
4. If you have any challenges, please let us know at or 0422 22 1461

Booking Group or Solo Music or Solo Singing Classes?

Please email us at: with your preferred times and we will get back to you with availability.

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